Digital Impressions Dental Scanning and Digital Orthodontics

The oral cavity of a person doesn’t seem like such a complex thing. Yet it is. When the teeth and jawline are extremely misaligned, digital impressions dental scanning plays a vital role in identifying a path to correction. Digital impressions dental scanners are a growing need in the industry and a key to digital orthodontics. Digital orthodontics is the practice of using digital technologies in the alignment correction of teeth.

An intraoral scanner is a digital impression scanner that, like its predecessors, maps a person’s oral cavity. The intraoral scanner replaces traditional impression materials. Intraoral scanners are taking the orthodontics industry by storm. Why? The technology is simple to use and provides greater comfort to patients in comparison to the traditional impression materials.

The make-up of an intraoral scanner is of a few, yet important, components. It consists of a wand-like tool that attaches by a cord to an orthodontist’s computer. The computer is installed with a scanner software and provides the end result of a dental scan.

The wand is inserted into a patient’s mouth and is glided, by the orthodontist, across the bridge of the top and bottom teeth. As the wand moves, the scanner software is capturing the digital impression of the oral cavity. Before your very eyes, you’ll see a scanned impression on your orthodontist’s computer.

What are the Patient Advantages?

when a patient needed an impression taken, an orthodontist had to insert an alginate mold . The semi-solid, liquid-like material would capture an imprint of the patient’s teeth and soft tissues. Once hardened, the impression was removed to reveal a replica of the patient’s oral cavity. While taking such an impression should be painless, it can be uncomfortable for some to hold the molding tray in one’s mouth for several moments. It may even be a bit messy upon remove of the mold. We’re taking drool here.Unlike the traditional way of taking dental impressions, the orthodontist does all of the work while a patient does none of it. No more opening wide to hold the molding tray or sitting still while the mold sets. Digital impressions make life so much easy for patients and orthodontists alike!

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