iPro Labs is expertly qualified to assist clinicians who utilize digital impression systems. The lab employs computer-aided technology in nearly every step of production, ensuring that prescribed restorations are consistently well-fitting and able to be fabricated from the most modern materials. For both traditional and implant restorations, iPro Labs accepts scans for the Sirona CEREC® platforms, the Align Technolgy iTero™, Carestream Dental’s CS 3500, PLANMECA CAD/CAM SOLUTIONS E4D Technologies PlanScan®, the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, and 3Shape’s TRIOS®.

Once a clinician has captured an impression with their scanning unit, the data can be transferred to iPro Labs. For systems that utilize proprietary connection portals, the data is sent to iPro Labs through the approved, established connection as shown in the respective system’s manual. For open systems, clinicians can download the scan data from their impression unit and transfer it directly to iPro Labs through our “My Account” interface.


Once your scan data has been transferred to the digital network at iPro Labs, a specialized team of dental technicians performs a small clinical evaluation to verify that each case is ready for production. Approved cases are then distributed to the appropriate technical department based on the material and restoration type requested by the clinician.

At iPro Labs, nearly 100 percent of case design is handled with dental design software. These purpose-built programs enable our experienced dental technicians to shape every aspect of a restoration. Our decades of traditional lab experience educate every click, ensuring precise fit, function and esthetics. This all-digital design process guarantees a higher accuracy in the final restoration because the errors inherent to traditional impressions and the pouring of stone models are completely removed. In fact, most of our modern production workflows can be completed entirely without a physical model ever being produced. Clinicians who wish to verify their restorations on a model can still request one from the laboratory.


After the digital restoration design is complete, the design file is transferred to the appropriate production team based on the type of material and restoration requested by the clinician. Below are brief outlines of the various processes and technologies employed across a variety of our lab services.

Regardless of whether a clinician sends a case digitally or with traditional impressions, all restorations at iPro Labs are fabricated with the same cutting-edge technologies and techniques. It is our mission to bring the benefits gained from these technologies to clinicians and patients across the world.


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