Nightgaurds & Retainers

Hard Nightguard

The hard acrylic-like night guard is small and  low profile yet very durable. It is generally recommended for moderate to extreme grinders/clenchers or persons suffering from TMJ.

Hard/ Soft Nightguard

This guard type combines two layers of material (a soft inside and a hard acrylic outside). It’s going to be a bit thicker than the hard acrylic guard. 

Sports Mouthguard

provide the protection needed to prevent direct impact to the oral area

Essix appliances

While implants are healing and waiting for final restorations, essix appliances are an invisible way to add teeth to an implant site for daily use easily.

Bleaching Trays

Trays that are fit to your patient’s mouth with wells that hold bleaching material to lighten dentition.

Hawley Retainer

Our technicians are dedicated to crafting high-quality retainers for patients interested in additional protection to stop their teeth from shifting after alignment treatment. 

Wraparound Retainer

Our retainers are fabricated out of carefully curated materials to ensure longevity and effectiveness.

Spring Retainer

Spring retainers are a common orthodontic treatment for patients whose front teeth have slightly shifted

Cetlin Appliance

the Cetlin is used to distalize the first molars and, if applicable, the second molars.

Clear Retainer

A clear retainer is a thin clear plastic plate

Fixed Quad Helix

A Quad-Helix is a fixed orthodontic appliance used to expand the upper arch

Thumb Habit Appliance

habit appliances are used to discontinue behaviors.

Hass Expander

This expander allows it to apply lateral force to both the teeth and the walls of the palate.

Rapid Palatal Expander

Palatal Expansion Appliance is comprised of clear acrylic bite blocks

Invisible Retainer

Invisible Retainer is thermoformed thin plastic that cover the full arch

Lip Bumper

Lip Bumper Appliance is a removable device.

Lower Lingual Arch

lingual arch is an orthodontic device which connects two molars in the upper or lower dental arch.

Mandibular Hawley Appliance

The Mandibular Hawley Appliance is used to maintain a previous orthodontic result or to simply prevent undesirable movement of the teeth.

Nance Appliance

The Nance appliance can be used to slightly expand or rotate the upper molars or hold the molars in place.

Palate Expander

The removable palatal expansion appliance is comprised of a stainless steel and clear acrylic frame.

Space Regaining Appliance

space regaining appliance uses a wire loop soldered to a molar band and extending anterior.

Spring Aligner

Spring aligner is very effective in aligning slightly to moderately crowded front teeth.

Transpalatal Arch

Trans-Palatal Arch is used to hold upper molars in place, stabilizing the position of these teeth during or after the movement of other teeth.



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