Ipro dental lab provides a variiety of dentures and partials,with or without metal frameworks,to suit the needs of your patients.

Our range of products enables you to balance aesthetics and cost to offer your patients a top quality of products at an affordable price. 

Full Dentures

natural-looking materials and have a more comfortable fit

TSC Flexible

comfortable , allows  natural looking clasps without wires.

Cast Metal Partials

Combining partial frameworks with flexible or acrylic material maintains the shape and strength of this restoration and allows for a proper fit every time.

Acrylic Wrought Wire Partial

extremely beneficial for patients who need a temporary yet aesthetically pleasing option while awaiting an implant or bridge.

Nesbit Partial

suitable for those undergoing healing from implant surgery and also for patients suffering from an injury while waiting for proper measurements to be taken and prosthetics to be fabricated